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Welcome to my Web site! I’d like to thank Terry for all his help.

This website is a bit of fun and nothing else. If any of it’s content offends anyone in any way or if it is incorrect, then I am sorry. Drop me an E-mail and I will remove it immediately.

I have created a website to show my love of the whole scooter fraternity. Although the website is, it covers all aspects of scooters. Classic Vespa, which I have had a few and my whole life in the world of Lambretta.

I hope to create many pages that will link you to my scooters, my history in scootering and my future with Lambrettas.

I appologise now if I get mixed up with dates, but the history will be as accurate as possible. If you want to check out more about me and the family, check the family website, Doug Turner’s Home Page

So the story starts with a Vespa 90, bought from Jock Warren and is currently running along with a classic Lambretta Eibar li150 check out the Li 150 blog page and also see my beautiful AF “S” Type, hand crafted by AF Rayspeed.

See what I browse when I have a spare moment

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Photo Album

nickdougLook at my new online photo album filled with pictures from my holidays, sporting events, and my family. The late, great Nick and me.

Work as we know it!

Take a look at what I have been up to, there has always been something interesting happening. Never a dull moment in Tourism.

Work as we know it

To follow, the all new 'latest News' page.
From “zero to hero”. being knocked over, insurance pay out, frame straightening to be chosing in the making of Shane Meadows new cult TV series “This is England” check out the rebuild and the links to the blog.

SVM 120H